George Hirsch Good Stuff

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Forgetful Gentleman

Leave room for no excuses - the card is on the way. This cleaver box of stationary has cards for all important occasions for the gentleman in your life. forgetfulgentlemancom

The Bucket List

Safety first. This collapsible bucket is bound to come in handy; for many activities like; camping, the beach or even for those with pets on long trips.

The Topsider

The authentic original seafarer’s footwear. This boat shoe has been a staple since 1935, for wet traction starboard or port.

Condiment Appreciation

The perfect blend of Indian spices make-up this Oregon made artisanal mustard. It puts a wow behind flavorful spread.

Meet The Pit-Master

Somebody’s got to do it and repetition is a form of learning. thumbs up for Oxo’s brilliant contraption for pitlessness; used for both pitting cherries and olives - with good grip.


Before the days of handheld electronic games, a rubber band and a blasawood plane kit occupied an afternoon of fun outdoors. Today, it still has the same magic.

Handsome Dan

Go long. Handmade by Leather Head; the football named after Yale’s famous bulldog mascot. Leather from Prime Tannery in Maine. Made in New Jersey, USA.


A memorable year, 2007. The red born from a long hot summer. Excellent blend of merlot, petit verdot + cabernet franc. This wine is Ideal with summer grilled meats; beef, lamb and pork. From Long Island’s own, family owned and operated Paumanok Vineyards.

Old Faithful

You can’t go wrong with a tie, with nautical stripes.

Pizzelle Maker

Make homemade cannoli or ice cream cones in less than a minute. Chef’s Choice non-stick surface is easy for cleanup too.

Sir Mix-a-Lot

Kensington Marmalade Mixers - made from whole-fruit; Meyer Lemon Mixer ideal with sparkling water and or vodka. Either way, a refreshing summer cocktail. Also comes in Blood Orange.